Mobility Smart Management Systems

Smart Mobility

The Smart Road is a set of technological infrastructures that aim at sustainability and the improvement of the safety and usability of roads through Digital Transformation (DT), a dynamic process that creates services and solutions

For this purpose, 4 main sectors have been identified in which to operate:

Communication system: can collect and share information with network users to improve the usability aspects of the Smart Road

Energy system: technological infrastructure requires energy, of course. The approach for Smart Road is to create energy systems with low energy and environmental impact.

Internet of Things (IoT): represents the set of sensors connected to the network in real-time and able to perform multiple checks on road infrastructures (e.g. bridges, viaducts, tunnels, intersections), traffic status, environmental conditions, and infrastructures complementary to the highway (e.g. service areas, parking lots). In essence, this is a very complex and extensive reporting and information collection system

Open Data and Big data: the systems will be set up to support the Big data approach that will be adopted.


    • A single operational interface for managing any situation related to urban safety and maintenance and listening to the needs sent by citizens.
    • An interactive map for the proactive management of each event or report.
    • A faster decision-making process thanks to the automation of intervention processes.
    • A solution that is always at the forefront because it allows the open integration of new systems or devices and the expansion to new features.
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