Smart Management Systems

Those who govern the territories are often required to make important decisions on how to allocate large amounts of money to create infrastructures and services relating to roads and traffic; to this end, to take the best path, it is necessary to have reliable and quality information quickly.

In this context, our products, and those supplied by our partners, rank at the top by virtue of the large number of functions and data they produce. The role of ITS is strengthened when combined with accurate artificial intelligence models that are built to optimize urban planning, analyze and interpret crowd behavior while also predicting traffic conditions. AI-driven ITS is becoming possible thanks to the existence of a large volume of mobility data generated by billions of users through their use of new technologies and online social media. The data generated by the product control functions are automatically centralized in software platforms for their collection and organization and are immediately available to be shared with territorial management applications or Smart City systems.

Mobility sector operators need to check the health of their infrastructures and compliance with traffic regulations by the users who use them, in order to ensure their safety and security.

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