Energy Management Systems

Thanks to modern information remote control systems, it is now possible to monitor consumption, availability of components, access to premises by technical staff or outsiders, environmental and operating conditions of equipment. Having electrical distribution systems that allow them to be restored quickly and without costly and complex specialized interventions allows the companies at their disposal to minimize economic losses due to the lack of plant availability in the event of failure, minimizing the time that the system is exposed to hazardous conditions, thus maximizing the speed and simplicity of returning to normal operating conditions after a fault event.

In line with the trend to make our cities more functional, efficient and usable from an energy point of view, Balkan provides highly specialized technological solutions applicable in these sectors:

  • Energy efficiency and monitoring of infrastructures
  • Building energy management
  • Public lighting
  • Remote sensing of new generation gas consumption, which allows the detection of consumption data and remote control of distribution in an urban environment
  • Structural control of the integrity of the distribution network
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